Programkom’s CHIA Plotter grew into Plot-director, available at

It contains all the features of this version and much more:

  • Latest MadMax plotter support
  • EASY PLOT REPLACE (keep old plots as long as possible, maximize solo winings chance!) Take away pain of re-plotting for portable/poolable plots!
  • Web dashboard with stats (and control over plotters! – scheduled)
  • Multiple jobs support (currenty set to max 3 jobs, to be used with separate temp SSDs)
  • HDD Groups (organize your HDDs to groups and fill them with 3 predefined options (fill lowest free space first, fill highest free space first, cycle fill – one by one/round robin)
  • Staging (aka “late copy”) – after plot is finished it’s copied to staging folder (can be on SSD). After fast copy phase, plotting can continue and file is being copied to slower drive in background
  • Disable bitfield option (if used with official CHIA plotter)
  • Custom buckets number (if used with official CHIA plotter)
  • Bright/Dark theme
  • Bugfixes ASAP – at least once per week
  • Scheduled in next major release:
    • Auto-start plotting when app starts. If your PC restarts and you set app as auto-start, application will start plotting as soon as it’s started.

Free version is still available, but will not be updated anymore 🙁

Last update: 30.05.2021 21:32 Version release 1.34b

Custom manager to simplify and maximize chia plotting process.

Currently running on Windows and Linux (Ubuntu).

Email me about other linux installations that you try this on.

THIS IS STILL BETA VERSION! E-mail me about bugs/improvements to


App starts since 24 May 2021


XCH donated


Plots produced since 24 May 2021


XRP donated


  • latest java runtime (currently 1.8 update 291)

Feature list:

  • infinite (parallel) plotting iterrations
  • gracefull plotting stop (finish all running plots, but dont spawn new plotters)
  • start new plot when phase 1 of previous plot is finished
  • change plotting parameters while plotters are running – change affects newly spawned plotters
  • basic plot progress info

Scheduled improvements:

  • Web interface to monitor plotting progress
  • per plot settings (each paralel plot can have different source/destination folder, different RAM & threads setting)
  • staging HDD/SSD target. From there, files are copied to final directories (cycle through listed drives and spred load/space evenly, or fill-up first, then second, etc.)
  • copy time column
  • automatically pre-set path to chia deamon (if not set already by user)

Known issues:

  • Delete button is not working well (usually you need to press it 2 times to acknowledge action) – USE WITH CAUTION. Fix for this available soon.
  • In order to set path to CHIA deamon folder, you need to have enabled “display hidden items” in windows explorer

LATEST RELEASE (30 May 2021)

New features:
– initial Linux support (tested on Ubuntu). Looks clumbsy, but it does the job. Same Java requirement as for Windows (1.8 update 239). Path to chia deamon is path to chia’s activate script (e.g. “/home/user/Desktop/chia-blockchain/”)

– copy time not caught in some cases, plot then stuck as 99% @ UI. Only visual bug, plot was actually copied to final drive.

Note: Reverted back to bat+jar file, exe wrapper for now gone

Linux cmd: java -jar ChiaPlotterTool-1.34b-jar-with-dependencies.jar


Release 1.33b (27 May 2021)

New features:
– additional logging per each plot, preparation for stat analyzer (which configuration of parameters is best, etc)
– table column width calculated and hopefully better looking

– temp2 stopped working in 1.32beta, hotfixed in 1.32-2 beta and in this version

Release 1.32beta (25 May 2021)

New features:
– update parameters (ram, threads, temp & final folder, delay) while plotter is running
– version check at startup
– simple stat collector (number of finished plots)
– k33 support
– smaller screen support (hopefully), it should work ok even on 1280 x 1024
– app wrapped to exe (no more jar and bat file)
– some UI notifications (invalid path to chia deamon, calculation of projected temp folder size when selecting number of paralel plots, etc)

– working with delay “wait for phase 1” fixed
– working with fixed delay on slow PCs fixed (special case)

Beta3 (24 May 2021)

Beta2 (22 May 2021)

Release log:

– added temp2 folder support

– added farmer key option

– added pool key option

Beta1 – initial release (21 May 2021)


  1. Trypt says:

    I’m using a low res monitor, 1366×768, I can’t even see the start button, everything on the right side are missing…

    • Programkom says:

      Next release solves this…

      • Marco B says:

        I really like your software. Congratulations.
        Unfortunately, the plot I ran did not work, perhaps because I went to edit the “farmer public key” field, which was perhaps better left by default. What exactly is this field for? If I have to execute different plots, do I have to open the program several times?
        Did you foresee or is there a user manual? It could help a lot even if your software is very intuitive.
        Thank you

        • Programkom says:

          Thanks for thumbs up 😀
          farmer public key is used if you want to make plot with some other key, not your own for example. If you installed chia and opened UI, key was generated for you. App can use this “default” key and you can use then completed plots to farm on. If you didnt open chia UI and you dont have default key, you need to specify “farmer public key” because no default can be found in your chia store.
          if you want to run paralel plots on same temp SSD, you can do it in app. If you want to run paralel plots on 2 different temp SSDs, then you need to open 2 instances of the app. im working on solution to support this behaviour inside 1 instance, but for now you need to start 2 instances. NOTE: each instance needs to have its own folder! dont start 2 instances inside same folder!
          manual is also scheduled, but for now no time to do it – too much feature request by community 🙂 cant handle all, maybe if i go “PRO” and get more people involved in coding we could manage.

  2. Appa Kontol says:

    Windows cant be adjusted. cant even see click or start plotting in full screenmode. LMAO TRASH

  3. SirMinesAlot says:

    Awesome! I have been checking every day for updates. I only run linux, can’t wait for linux release. Thanks for your hard work.

  4. hanabi says:

    Thanks for your efforts making this program. Can you tell me if I can run two instances at the same time? I have two NVME drives for plotting.
    Thank you.

  5. !mortal says:

    it will be cool when we can start more Jobs

    one from SSD 1 to Temp drive
    from SSD 2 to Temp drive

  6. Andrew says:

    Well, I donno how to install the program. Just click on start.bat and nothing happens.

    I have 3 m.2 disks, 512,512,1024.. I need to plot on three of them at the same time with maximum use of CPU and maximum use of RAM.

    I want to select temp disks and manually set maximum amount of plots on each one.

    Select max memory for all plots (I have 32gb) so it would be cool if you just type 32gb and programm would set 25gb for plotting automatically (like recommended 25gb).

    Select my cpu cores and threds manually to let programm decide when is the best time to plot..

    Basically I know people are plotting 2,5-3,2tb of plots on machine like mine a day. I do 9-14tb.. even if I do manual plot adds during the night.

    So please help to achieve best results. If I would get close to 2,5tb a day on my machine I would be happy do donate.


    • Programkom says:

      Make sure you have latest java 1.8 installed (
      And download latest app (released today, 1.32b)
      Since you have 3 disks i suggest you put them all together to raid 0 or merge 2×512 to 1024 and then raid 0 on 2×1024 – this can be done in windows!
      Then plot with infinite itterations (my program has this option) with 2-4 threads and default RAM (3390). This is my advice

      • Andrew says:

        Thank you. Awesome. Please cheek the program, my antivirus shows Trojan/Generic.ASMalwS.31A93E6

        Should I be worried?

        • Programkom says:

          Which antivirus are you using? I will have a look at the java exe package utility that I use (launch4j), my source files are not infected

          • Andrew says:

            McAfee-GW-Edition – BehavesLike.Win32.Exploit.wc
            Antiy-AVL – Trojan/Generic.ASMalwS.31A93E6
            Cylance – Unsafe
            SecureAge APEX – Malicious

            Please make sure its 100% safe. Defender is also blocking the program while Chia original GUI is 100% safe.

            Basically this must be risk free to become popular.

          • Programkom says:

            Does it report the same for beta2 (which was not wrapped to exe)?

          • Programkom says:

            Ofcourse, agreed. No intention to harm somebody, I just make the code without any murky/strange intentions. So your info is usefull, I need to find the source for this reports (it may be false positive hopefully), or it can be caused by infected launch4j, that is why i ask you to try beta2 which was not wrapped with lancuh4j…

  7. michael says:


    would like to see an implementation of testing the plots for 1. validity and for 2. lookuptime for each plot

  8. Venelin says:

    Hello, thank you for the awesome plotter.
    I just want to report that the RAM box is bugged as you can’t change the number by deleting the existing and write an exact value. Ones you change it, it reverse back to the original one.
    If I want to increase this value I have to use the arrows which takes a lot of time.

    Thank you again for your awesome work

  9. Justin says:

    Love your GUI. Way better than the chia GUI. One thing I’d like to see is the ability type in delay minutes between plots rather than having to choose from a predetermined list. There may be a bunch of people who may need a delay between 1 hour increments, such as a 75 minute delay for example. Nonetheless, I love this. Keep up the great work. I’ll be donating some chia once I win some.

  10. 东北人 says:

    您好 问题1:是分辨率 导致无法开启 问题2:希望可以加入中文 谢谢

    • Programkom says:

      1) nope, resoultion doesnt affect app opening. Check that you have latest version of app and java 1.8 installed
      2) Chinese lang translations hopefully will be aded soon, maybe i ask you for translations of the strings used 🙂

      1)不,重新包装不会影响应用程序的打开。 检查您是否已安装最新版本的应用程序和Java 1.8

  11. Pavel says:

    Thanks for your app. Cleaning folder option is working strange 🙂 if i start 6 plots in parallel with delay 20 min, than when it finished plot 1 – it start to del all folders, with other plots. Thank you, now i using it without del option. Works great!
    P.S.: sorry for my bad english xD

    • Programkom says:

      Hmm..that should not be true. Each plot runs in its subfolder (/1/,/2/ etc) and should delete only the contents of it. If you are using multiple instances, make sure each instance has its own subfolder on temp SSD (otherwise instances will collide and delete eachothers temp folders).

  12. ismet ralfz says:

    2nd temp doesnt work.
    ssdFolder E:\cachep1
    ssd2Folder F:\cachep2
    hddFolder Z:\farm-14tb-1

    ploter log:

    Starting cmd C:\Users\RALF-RYZEN9\AppData\Local\chia-blockchain\app-1.1.6\resources\app.asar.unpacked\daemon\chia.exe plots create -k32 -r 4 -b 3408 -d Z:\farm-14tb-1 -t E:\cachep1\1 -f ….

    no 2nd temp

  13. RedMatterGG says:

    Hello,did anyone try running this in wine in linux?

    • Programkom says:

      I’m working on Linux support ATM (Ubuntu for now). all is working expect stopping plotting process (red button, killing the process on linux is tricky). Until that is resolved I will not release Linux/Ubuntu version.
      you can try to run it in wine and post results 🙂

  14. Fabio says:

    sorry if they may be stupid questions
    In the farmer public key what should I enter? the 24-word key or what else?
    In the pool public key what should I enter?
    now i’m in hpool, i know it’s not an official pool. Should I leave this field blank?
    thank you

    • Programkom says:

      no, farmer public key is your public key to generate plots. both of them (farmer and pool public key) can be found in chia UI or running CLI “chia keys”. There was similar question /remark about this from a guy who is running hpool, and “problem” is that hpool exe wraps chia inside, so you have no “own” chia installation. For me this is “strange” since they can do with the keys whatever they want, this tool is intended to work with official CHIA installation (which uses chia.exe to make plots). I suggest you install that first. In the future I may add embeded chia client also, so you dont need installation (it will come with bundle)

  15. Seymoura says:

    Hi and thank you for your tool !

    Would be a nice improvement to be able to set maximum number of thread for P1 only and then 1 thread only for P2P3P4, as it is said that those phases only require 1 thread

    • Seymoura says:

      For example i would be able to set 10 threads for P1 and 1 thread for P1P2P3. When P1 finishes, only 1 thread remain workink on this plot for P2P3P4 and 10 new threads can start working on a new plot (i am using a 3950x 16 core32thread cpu)

      • Programkom says:

        Once the plotting starts, i have no control over it (expect to stop / kill it). I assume (from official chia docs) that “threads” parameter is used only for phase 1, phase 2-4 work on single thread and this is “as is” already.

  16. Me says:

    Guys, be careful what you’re installing.

    3 security vendors flagged this file as malicious

    • Programkom says:

      Interesting… will have a look why this is flagged as potentially dangerous, since java source is clean. It can only be caused by infected launch4j SW that I use to wrap JAR to EXE

      • bob says:

        clearly you aint that smart…….

        such programs have access to your private chia keys.
        that means they. can easily access your chia wallets.

        Why mine chia, when you can clown mine crypto noobs.

        NEVER EVER install any crypto realted program unless you can verify the dource or integrity of the supplier.

  17. 东北人 says:

    Path to CHIA desmon —— CHIA文件路径
    Farmer public key —— 公共密钥
    Pool public key —— 池公钥
    Temporary folder (SSD pref) —— 临时文件夹
    2nd temporary folder —— 第二临时文件夹
    Final folder (HDD pref) —— 最终输出文件夹
    Plot size —— 农田大小
    RAM —— 内存大小

    Number of paralel plots —— 并发开垦数量
    Delay between plots After PHASE 1 of previous plot —— 并发之间延迟时间
    Iterations Infinite —— 循环开垦

    Threads —— 线程数
    Force deletion of temp folder contents before starting new plot 在开始新的绘图之前,强制删除临时文件夹内容

    start —— 开始
    Just use default —— 使用默认
    Just use default —— 使用默认
    No 2nd temp —— 不用第二个临时文件

    You like the app? Support further development! Version 1.32b
    你喜欢这个应用程序吗?您的支持是我们发展的动力! 版本1.32 b

    Progress —— 进度
    Status —— 阶段
    ID —— ID
    RAM —— 内存
    Threads —— 线程
    Ph 1 duration —— 1阶段用时
    Ph 2 duration —— 2阶段用时
    Ph 3 duration —— 3阶段用时
    Ph 4 duration —— 4阶段用时
    Total durati on —— 总时长
    Start —— 启始时间
    End —— 结束时间
    Delete log —— 删除日志

    Currently started plots —— 目前开始状态
    Session finished plots progress —— 任务开垦进度
    Gracefull plot stop —— 完成后状态
    Stop plotting when running plot finishes —— 完成任务后停止
    stop plottig now —— 现在停止

    I translated it, hoping to adopt it

  18. Seymoura says:

    Hi ! looks like my post got deleted so here we go again :

    Thank you for your tool !

    I have a 16cores/32thread CPU and would like to be able to use a different amount of thread on P1 than on P2P3P4, as is it said that P1 can take up to 10 thread to speed up while for P2P3P4, only 1 thread is required.


    • Programkom says:

      This is already solved in chia plotting process. Amount of threads set is only used for phase1, phase2-4 dont use multithreads and just use 1.

    • Programkom says:

      It was not deleted, just not approved yet 🙂 I approve all msgs written by people (not machines :P), good or bad ones 🙂 Reply is attached to original post you’ve sent

  19. Leo says:

    Hi, ty for you work. I will make a donation soon.

    Can you please add an “average gigabyte plotted” in last 24h to know if last settings i used are better the previous?

    Thank you.


  20. IM u says:

    Can I parallel plot like this?
    so basically to run couple parallel plottings

    • Programkom says:

      This is schedule as feature that I will implement ASAP, but for now you can use multiple instances of this app, but keep them in separate folders!

  21. andi says:

    Hello. Go also three instances? – you had once written something of two. Have three M2 SSDs, which I can’t summarize (error message on Windows)

  22. 东北人 says:

    Dear friends
    I encountered a problem
    Why can RAM only be set to 6750 at most?

    I hope I can fill in the RAM settings manually, I can’t fill in

    • Programkom says:

      This is a limit by chia plotter, you cannot get pass it. So, 6750 is max. I run all plots on 3390 but i have 32GB ram, 6750 doesnt do well for me.

  23. RedMatterGG says:

    I ve encountered a weird and quite destructive and time wasting problem/bug.The program itself locks down my pc(nothing will open/close).But if i shut it down from task manager everything works again,seems to happen only with 3 plots in paralled,first stage delay with 2 instances of the app in different folders

  24. u2pong says:

    如果不要用 Path to CHIA desmon , 直接用Farmer public key 和 Pool public key 就可以plotter 了~
    不用安装chia.exe可以吗? 直接plotter

  25. Giorgio says:

    Ciao, bellissimo programma, mi aiuta parecchio nei plot, davvero tanti complimenti.
    Una nota: alla fine del plotting, dovresti eliminare il tempo perso a “copiare” il file dalla temp nella cartella di destinazione, quando queste 2 coincidono. Dovresti fare in modo che “sposti” il file plot finale, anzichè copiarlo, così si guadagna tempo prezioso. Grazie per il tuo programma

    • Leo says:

      Thank you again for great work.

      Come on guy, 10.000 plot generated thanks his work and just 60$ donation made? Respect developer work and make a donation!

  26. Alexander H says:

    Nice job bro, it would be nice if it can start with windows after a power failure without interaction

    • Programkom says:

      This can be done by putting shortcut to program to shell:startup…but it wont press “start” instead of you 🙂 it could be done in future release, yes, thanks for update, will put it on feature request list.

  27. Dino says:

    HEy, thanks for the great tool!
    However, all of the plots I generated were not eligible for my farm, meaning the farmer does not recognize them as plots.

    Maybe you can give me a hand for a little quick.

    I copied the pblic pool key from by farm into the programm and made the other inputs like temp folders, final folders and so on.

    So, where could be the problem?


    • Programkom says:

      If you’re using public pool key, please use also public farmer key! It could be that you have multiple keys installed on your chia program and “default” points to some other key than the one you are farming on. Specify farmer key also and you should be good to go – havent heard till yet that plots are not recognized by farmer… SO it must be something like i’ve described.

      • Dino says:

        Thanks for you quick reply.

        I actually only input the farmer public key.
        I had to find a solution to read out the pool key because as far as I know its not shown in the Chia Gui, or is it?

        No I have both input and waiting for the result.

        • Programkom says:

          you can find pool public key also in chia UI. if you have only 1 wallet used (in chia UI) then just “use default” on public farmer and pool key, and plots should be OK for you – im using this option. if you dont have your wallet installed on PC that you’re plotting on, then input both – farmer and pool key (you can see both in chia UI-keys).

  28. rado85 says:

    It doesn’t work for me with public keys.
    It’s only working when i use default for public keys.

  29. Dino says:

    Hi again!
    Just one function request from my side which would be super practicable.
    Could you include statistics for each plot of the following parameters:

    Max Space used on temp disk
    Max Ram used


    Of course one could just open the task manager and have it open, but that would not be included into a log file.

    Thanks again!

    • Programkom says:

      thanks for comment. Yes, this is scheduled to be implemented. for now i’m working on stability and linux support, statistics are also a part of future development (big part) and will also affect optimizations (start new plot in same queue before copy phase of initial is done-since copy phase is just HDD/SSD work not CPU, etc).

      • Dino says:

        Yeah, currently I am using a ssd as a final drive to speed up the copying process. Works well.

        • Programkom says:

          Yes, this is temp solution. I’m planning to develop staging folder (where plot will be copied) and then auto-copy processor to copy final plots to desired drives (multiple, when 1 gets filled, fill next, or cycle between multiple to fill them up simultaneously)

          • Dino says:

            Actually I encountered a new problem.

            Some plots are finished and are actually finished and copied to the final folder.
            However in the app they are still shown as “finishing” at 99%.

            What can be the reason?

          • Programkom says:

            This was in “known issues” list. Should be fixed with latest release, released 10mins ago. Old plot logs may still report 99%, but with latest release and new logs, this should not happen anymore.
            Like you said, it was only visual bug, plot was actually copied.

  30. Calvin Ray Di Bartolo says:

    For a future version can we have different limiting options? Such as CPU/RAM utilization, if temp1/2 space falls below some set value (or maybe a value based on the K size, like 1.5x K temp requirement), etc.

    That way if we accidentally set a delay value too low, the program can automatically see if the PC has anything left to give the plotter or if it’s going to run into a problem

    • Programkom says:

      Current version only checks TEMP drive space and compares it to “number of paralel plots” x 270GB. you get a warning that you might run into trouble. I’m working on “give me my PC optimized settings”, but its no easy job. It will take a while.
      Also statistics will be involved so we will know more about RAM and CPU util during each plot process and we will go from there.

  31. Alexander H says:

    is there a way to auto start plotting from .bat with the saved settings?

    • Programkom says:

      How do you mean “auto” plotting? that it starts automatically when app is started?

      • Dino says:

        I guess he means that you have a .bat file which you start by double click and which starts your app with predefined inputs automatically.
        So for example you could put this file into the autostart om boot.

  32. SirMinesAlot says:

    Hello, trying out the linux version Ubuntu 18.04. I get “bash: chia: command not found” Where is that daemon?

    • Programkom says:

      you should point PATH TO CHIA DEAMON to folder, where “activate” script is located (usually inside chia-blockchain folder). I have my chia-blockchain folder on desktop/chia-blockchain and I ran CLI from that (cd Desktop/chia-blockchain, ./activate, plot). So now my program is pointing to desktop/chia-blockchain and it is running fine

  33. Dino says:

    One function that would also be great:

    Starting plots on two or more different temp drives (like in the original gui).
    Thereby you can optimize the plotting even more.
    The raid solution has the demerit that the biger part of the space is not in use for a extended time, which is a drawback on efficiency.

    Would be great if you could include some thing like that.

  34. Seymoura says:

    Hi ! I often have plots “FAILED”. Maybe 1/4 or 1/5 plots. I am plotting a maximum of 3 on a NVME SSD. Any idea ?

  35. andi says:

    Hello developers.
    Thanks for the great program. I continue to use version 1.32b and am super satisfied. The program has been running flawlessly since installation! Thanks to your hint, I now have 4 instances running in parallel and due to the automated time gain after completion of phase 1, I was able to increase my daily plots from 31-32 to 34-35. It’s also great that all running plots are also displayed in all instances.
    However, I also have a request: Can you name each instance or plot individually in a column of the table overview, for example “Plot disk A”, “Plot disk B” … etc.
    For statistics, I would also be interested to know how many plots I created each day.
    Keep it up and thank you for your support.

    • Programkom says:

      hi! Thanks for update and encouraging words 🙂

      Your way of working with plotting is to be implemented inside 1 instance. So soon you will have no need to run 4 instances! Also statistics will be implemented, one step to that is latest version so i encourage you to update to that. It should run even better, with less bugs 😛

      • Andi says:

        New request for the statistics or display of the total duration of a plot.
        It would be nice if 2 times are displayed!
        1. Show total duration for the plot WITHOUT copy time
        2. total duration incl. copy time / or copy time separately 🙂
        Thank you

  36. x y z says:

    could you plz provide daemon path on the ubuntu?

    for example: /usr/lib/chia-blockchain/resources/app.asar.unpacked/daemon…….

  37. x y z says:

    i using ubuntu GUI version, i think thats why i cant assign “patht to chia daemon”.. any ideas?

    for me is it here: /usr/lib/chia-blockchain/resources/app.asar.unpacked/daemon

    but i get this message: “selected folder does not contain chia activate script”


  38. Martin says:

    On Ubuntu there still the resolution issue.
    Can place a screen how your app looks on Ubuntu ?

  39. Maxtor says:

    Program works really fine! Thank you and congrats!

    There is one thing though:

    When I plot 4 prallel plots and for example set to 3 Iterations, then the second iteration with the next four parallel plots already start while the first four are still plotting.

    What am I doing wrong? ^^

    • Programkom says:

      Im glad you like it 🙂 there are several more features incoming in start of next week. About ur problem:This should not be so… are you using latest version? Send me please plotter.log and log files of each plot for this scenario that you describe.

  40. It’s truly a great and useful piece of information. I’m glad that you
    just shared this useful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this.

    Thanks for sharing.

  41. ironman says:

    HI, I make a plot and I add my farmer public key (I didn’t leave default) and that plot can’t add to farm in chia wallet, can anyone help how fix that?

    • Programkom says:

      Make sure you’ve added correct farmer public key! And also add pool address, they are both displayed in CHIA UI , farm -> manager farming rewards.

      • ironman says:

        Is there a way to add the pool address after because I don’t know the pool address when I run plotter.

        • Programkom says:

          If you are making plots that cannot be farmed on your farmer/wallet then you anyways can stop entire plot procese and fill needed data and see if farm will pickup new plots. But yeah, during the process of plotting you can change parameters (keys, ram, folders etc) and click update parameters. Changes made will affect newly spawned plots, but not the ones that are already started!

  42. ironman says:

    Hi, I can’t make a plot for Hpool, if there are any restrictions, it just doesn’t work, I entered all the parameters, please help

  43. We are a gaggle of volunteers and starting a brand new scheme in our community.
    Your web site offered us with valuable info to
    work on. You have done an impressive activity and our
    entire group will probably be grateful to you.

  44. David F says:

    Hi ! great GUI interface for plotting, congrats !
    I have 2 questions :
    -How to resolve this : Cannot start next iteration, plotter #1 still running its #1 iteration
    -Why no log if plotting fails ?

    • Programkom says:

      Msg “Cannot start next iteration, plotter #1 still running its #1 iteration” states that plotter #1 is scheduled to “restart” but previous iteration instance is still working. It needs to finish it’s job then plotter #1 restarts with new job

  45. Frederick says:

    Hi, nice work there. Is there anyway we can get the source code?

  46. Jose says:

    What are iterations? Are they the total plots to be created??

    • Programkom says:

      yes. “number of paralel plots ” * “iteration” = total plots created. If you put “infinite”, then it will plot forever 😛

  47. Minh says:

    How about buckets number option ?

    • Programkom says:

      I could add it…but chia docs say “just leave it on default since changing it doesnt do anything”. You have different experience with this setting?

  48. Hiro says:

    Hi, nice work man, congratulations.

    There are anyway to use more ram? cause I have 32GB running 4 paralel plots, so using 16GB. I try to edit 3.390 value, but not sucessfull.

    Do you have USDT or KDA address for donations?

    Sorry for bad english.

    • Programkom says:

      i have same setup, running with default ram (3390), increasing it to 6850 (max) is doing nothing, performance even worse. You cannot increase ram?Note that if you change parameteres and dont click “start” or “update params” settings are not saved and are “overwritten” when you refresh the screen. so settings are only saved when they are applied by pressing update or start.

      USDT = 0x1f2556c06e443c382bf487142c12a921272fbd1f

      thanks for all the info and support

  49. George says:

    Tell me why you do not use an open source code and do not publish your program on github?
    The program is good, promising, but causes doubt security when using it.

    • Programkom says:

      Because it didnt stop at current development rate. We are expanding, involving more people and we’re building new features, adding web based functionalities (statistics, plotter control) which will come out as a service (0.02cents / plot).
      Makes sense?People are afraid that free tools will steal something – ofcourse legit concern. Im wondering if same concern applies when you pay small amount per plot, to support further development.
      This and next tool we’re and will never be used in something murky, source on github or not

  50. John says:

    Is this project dead ?

  51. I hope you will give us optional for bitfield in the next version. Thank you

  52. u2pong says:

    hi there…sir u got to see new ploter…
    they can make one plot in 2hrs…best ~

  53. Aref says:

    i have a big problem
    many of the plots are failed
    what should i do???
    how can i continuing that failed plot
    usually after first phase finished the failure happend

  54. Mike says:

    Any plans or possibilities to integrate this with the Madmax plotter?

    • Programkom says:

      Yesterday was new release, but under different name. SW moved to, where new features and bugfixes will be added.