Advanced SMS Gateway for emergency services

SMS ALERT PRO is a device which simplifies and speeds up group notifications via SMS (Text services). Device is unique on the market, it’s qualities are:

  • Speed – 1.5s / SMS
  • Reliablity – reliable signal reception support 100% hit rate, making it usefull for emergency services
  • Simple user interface – embeded LCD display and matrix keyboard are used to guide user via menu, which can be used for variety of operations
  • High availability – embeded UPS takes care of power shortages
  • Energy efficient – low energy consumption (~5W)
  • Best price/performance ration – one time purchase, no additional costs


How it works

Device is listening for POCSAG messages via embeded digital pager. When pager detects message, which needs to be relayed to group of users, device start to send same message to that group via SMS (text). This is done automatically. By doing this we achieve two things:

  • expand number of users that receive message
  • users usually dont want to wear pagers wherever they to – mobile phone they still have

Users can also be notified MANUALLY. This can be done by sending special code, followed by text we want to relay, to device’s phone number. Device will relay the given text to group of people of our chosing.


Usage is very SIMPLE. Parameters or users can be edited via embeded LCD display and matrix keyboard. On-Display menu enables:

  • User management (add/edit/delete)
  • Group management (add/remove users from group)
  • RIC Number management (RIC is unique number, used by pagers)
  • Configration editor
  • Monthly report settings
  • Trigger notification test
  • Current device state (GSM Signal strength, date/time, etc)
1st level menu
Edit user